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Patrick J. Zitek Attorney at Law

The high emotional stakes involved with divorce, child custody, and child support matters often lead people to search for an attorney who claims to be "aggressive" and "tough." Unfortunately, this type of legal advertising implies that family legal matters are best resolved through bullying, intimidation, and fear. That's a losing strategy.

I protect my client's rights and interests through strategic and solution-focused legal representation. That's a winning strategy.

Patrick J. Zitek | Areas of Practice

I focus my representation on child custody, divorce, parenting time, and child support matters.

Custody & Parenting Time


Child Support

Mediation Representation

A Lawyer That Stands Apart

Courtroom Advocacy

Negotiation Expertise

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Client Testimonials

Patrick is a great lawyer! What makes him great is his knowledge, confidence and his great attitude. I have always had trust issues when it comes to lawyers. Pat is a straight shooter that I would recommend to all my friends without reservation.

“Top-Notch Lawyer” Mike P.

Pat is a extremely knowledgeable attorney and walked me through each step of my case with detail and clarity. He laid out all my options and never persuaded me to go one way or the other. He will definitely be in your corner for your family's best interests. I have recommended Pat to my close friends and family.

“A lawyer whose looking out for your family’s best interests.” Chris