Residential Transactions

I represent buyers and sellers of residential real property. Most home sellers prefer I handle the negotiations as well as the legal paperwork, allowing them to list their home by themselves or through an online vendor. Once a potential buyer indicates they would like to make an offer, my clients call me and I take it from there. Home buyers contact me to negotiate the terms of a purchase, to advise and to represent them throughout the purchase process.

Commercial & Investment

In commercial building transactions, I negotiate the terms of the purchase or sale; conduct the legal due diligence required by clients, investors, and lenders, as well as provide the legal services necessary for the conveyance of the property.

I also work with both active and passive investors in a variety of roles from negotiating the terms of the sale or purchase, to specific entity formation for investment goals.


Experience and Focus Matters

As an Attorney and Professional Negotiator that focuses solely on the purchase and sale of property in Minnesota, my clients gain a competitive advantage in every transaction. This competitive advantage results in my clients getting better deals, more deals, and having less surprises.


Contact Me...

Whether you are thinking about purchasing or selling property, or are currently in the process, call me to learn how I can help secure your deal with better terms and less risk.