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Patrick Zitek Family Law Attorney

Everyone has a right to a safe and healthy environment - at home, at school and at work. An environment free from fear, abuse, intimidation and abandonment. A healthy environment is safe, supportive, trusting, and loving. Call Patrick Zitek and see how his approach to family law issues can help you and your children re-establish a healthy environment.


Representing clients in the following matters:

Custody & Parenting Time


Child Support

Mediation Representation

Patrick Zitek. A Lawyer That Stands Apart.

Courtroom Advocacy

A natural advocate, Patrick Zitek represents his clients in court with passion and strategy.

Negotiation Expertise

A negotiated agreement is often better for the parties and their children than going to court. Learn why it is critical that your attorney is also an expert negotiator.

Payment Options

Each client and each case is different - and so are their financial situations. I offer fixed-fee and hourly billing options, as well as multiple retainer options.

What Clients Say About Patrick Zitek

Patrick is a great lawyer! What makes him great is his knowledge, confidence and his great attitude. I have always had trust issues when it comes to lawyers. Pat is a straight shooter that I would recommend to all my friends without reservation.

“Top-Notch Lawyer” Mike P.

Pat is a extremely knowledgeable attorney and walked me through each step of my case with detail and clarity. He laid out all my options and never persuaded me to go one way or the other. He will definitely be in your corner for your family's best interests. I have recommended Pat to my close friends and family.

“A lawyer whose looking out for your family’s best interests.” Chris

Patrick Zitek Family Law Attorney

I chose to practice family law exclusively because I believe that a healthy environment is everyone's right - especially for our children, who are entitled to a stable and loving environment. Practicing family law allows me to work every day to improve the lives of my clients, whether it is to end a cycle of abuse or abandonment, or simply to start fresh. I also help mothers and fathers improve the lives of their children through child custody, parenting time, and child support matters.